Finnledoo front cover

Finnledoo (Paperback)

Craig Newnes (illustrations by Robert Palmer R.A.)

195 pages / published 22.06.2020

18 GBP (includes free postage worldwide)

Book format


Once upon a time an artist sat down to paint some illustrations for a children's book - a saga of sorts. He painted a couple of rather marvellous pictures and, as ever, found himself distracted by other projects. He had started a story based on his illustrations and found himself stuck for more words.

Many years later the artist found himself in the company of a writer who, rather foolishly it seemed, offered to finish the saga. He called it Finneldoo. Much later, the task was complete and the artist set about illustrating more parts of the tale. Time passed, the friends saw less of each other and the tale gathered dust.

Not so very long ago at all, the writer sat down again and Finneldoo was polished, edited, tinkered with and more. And, here you have it. Enjoy the's what life is about.


  • Craig Newnes is an author, editor, dad, grandad, musician, Consulting Conversationalist, cook and gardener. Until retiring after a near-fatal road accident he was director of one of England's largest National Health Service Psychological Therapies Departments.

  • Robert Palmer is a Herefordshire based artist who has exhibited widely.



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