JCPCP welcomes original research papers of all kinds. In particular, we would be interested in publishing examples of Participatory Action Research (PAR).

Quantitative papers should focus on variables which are non-subjective and clearly operationalised. For example, data claiming to measure 'depression' would probably not fit these criteria, whereas data measuring wealth or ethnicity might. Findings should be presented in APA style, including those that show no significant difference. Papers should account for the impact of multiple tests and limitations fully discussed, dealing with issues of causation and association, along with possible confounds.

Qualitative papers should be clear about the approach used and include a section on epistemology. An outline of the method of data collection should be presented and we should expect both a table of participants and a table of themes to be included. Participant quotes should have clear anonymised identifiers and be representive of all voices within a study. Authors should be aware that although they anonymise participants, they gain cultural capital for their publication. There should be specific sections on data credibility and limitations that will include discussions around generalisability and sampling.