Critiques, in the form of short articles and letters on any aspect of psychological or psychotherapeutic theory or practice, are always welcome. They will be peer reviewed.

Articles should not normally exceed 4,000 words including references. Brief author details including a very short biography, email and phone number should be included. Also, please include several key words and a 25 word max summary. All references should be presented in Harvard style.

The paper should be critical i.e., does it use a recognized perspective to critique PSY in its various guises and does it abjure medicalized descriptions of conduct e.g., ADHD, Depression etc. If there is a suggestion for how to do things better, is that suggestion humane and does it avoid the pitfall of assuming that there is something wrong with people who are referred to services?

Authors should avoid jargon (except when critiquing labels), sexist and racist terminology and shouldn't cluster people (e.g., 'the' elderly) when describing those who receive services.

Submissions will be sent for review if these guidelines are followed and authors should receive a response in less than six weeks. Please submit all material as a Microsoft Word document in double spaced size 12 font by email to the Editor, Craig Newnes, at:

Anyone wishing to review books is invited to contact the Book Review Editor, Anne Cooke, Clinical Psychology Training Scheme, Salomons Centre, Broomhill Road, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 0TG. Email: